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Top Ten Reasons to Rent a Charter Bus from Coachman Luxury Transport

Posted on: May 18th, 2016

Large Groups of People Can Travel Together

When in need to transport up to 49 passengers at once a charter bus can deliver. Whether you have a specific destination in mind or you simply want to sightsee as a group, having everyone travel in the same vehicle is far more convenient and social than a convoy of separate automobiles. From sightseeing tours to conventions, corporate transfers, sports teams, major sporting events and private charters, Coachman Luxury Transport has the wheels and wherewithal to ensure the smoothest ride in the Long Island and NYC surrounding area.

With a charter bus, you and your party get to spend time together without the stress of driving and navigating on unfamiliar roads.

Modern Conveniences on Charter Buses

While you may think of charter buses as old, noisy, and unattractive, the modern charter bus has become something entirely different. Coachman Luxury Transport has charter buses with leather seats, air conditioned interiors, flat screen TVs, access to Wi-Fi, and clean restrooms on board to suit all of your modern convenience needs. This is no cramped plane where you need to struggle over the armrests.

Knowledgeable Drivers

If your group is new to the area and not used to traveling the unfamiliar roads, they will likely not know which routes to take or which landmarks to point out. GPS is a useful navigational tool but most who have used it know that it is far from perfect. An experienced professional bus driver can remove the burden of navigation while ensuring that the passengers are enjoying the area. Our drivers are extremely knowledgeable and experienced, and they know how to navigate through traffic safely and with ease so the passengers can simply enjoy their trip.

Dependable Vehicles

Transportation companies have an interest in making sure that their vehicles are reliable. Coachman Luxury Transport has a strict maintenance schedule in place to ensure that the buses we offer are fully operational. A dedicated staff to ensure that everything goes smoothly and to assist should anything go wrong at all. Someone traveling in their own vehicle will not have this kind of security and assurance.

Seeing New Attractions

There are some places of interest that travelers can experience only when they are on the ground and are being driven by someone who knows the area well. For groups looking to discover a new area and learn about Tri-state area surroundings, our company can provide the perfect route to discover new attractions that those researching online may not know about! When you rent a charter bus, you can rest assured that you will be taken to the best sites in the area!


Rented charter buses are one of the safest ways to travel. According to statistics compiled by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the risks that come with traveling in passenger vehicles are far greater than those associated with bus travel. Our chauffeurs are restricted from texting and driving, and we always have your safety as our first priority.

Stress Free

Travelers should consider the difficulty of moving luggage when traveling by air. With a charter bus, the traveler’s luggage goes with them. There are no fees and no hassles tracking down lost items. Renting a charter bus also means that you don’t have to worry about long lines at security checkpoints. You can simply hand your luggage off to one of our professionally trained chauffeurs and feel comfortable in the fact that it will travel along with you as you board the bus.

Greener Travel

Many analysts say that one flight produces the same amount of CO2 per person per mile as if the passengers were driving alone in separate cars. In addition, airplanes emit many other harmful materials and it all goes directly into the upper atmosphere. The result of this is that the damage to the atmosphere done by flying is almost twice that of driving the same number of miles in a car. When you look at the numbers, a full bus is much more gentle on the environment than a flight of the same distance.

More Affordable

The cost of traveling in a group by bus is usually lower than traveling in separate passenger vehicles or by air.  With charter buses there are no baggage fees or the need to pay for parking at the airport.  The lowered risk of getting tickets or DUI charges can also mean more saved money and time. Using a charter bus to transport large groups also means reducing the amount of vehicles you have to use, therefore reducing your costs!


If something unexpected comes up that causes a change in vacation plans, coordinating a group is easier when everyone is together on the same charter bus.  Although most charter bus companies require a deposit when booking, it is still much cheaper than last minute changes for a large group flying commercially.

Altogether, there are many fantastic reasons to rent a charter bus and at Coachman Luxury Transport you will feel the difference.

For 25 years, Coachman Luxury Transport has been making a difference in Long Island’s ground transportation history by providing the highest level of luxury, customer service, and safety.

Our dedication to our customers’ safety and attention to service are why our customers return and recommend us to others. Since 1991, when you ride with Coachman, you ride with family.

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