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Long Island Wine Tours Enhance the experience with a limo bus

Posted on: July 19th, 2016

Planning summer activities with your friends is easy in a place like Long Island, where beautiful natural getaways, city festivals and sprawling vineyards are just a short drive away.

You can spend each weekend exploring and enjoying new experiences, all in the company of your closest friends.

Coachman Luxury Transport provides amazing tours of the North Fork Wine Trail, and allows our clients to utilize beautiful, late-model vehicles for their trips.

One of the vehicles we are proud to offer is our range of Limo Buses, which allow for an even better wine tour experience.

Here are a few great reasons to book a limo bus for your upcoming wine tour on the North Fork.


When you’re preparing for the ultimate summertime event or experience, you want to be able to include your friends. Planning your Long Island Wine Tours is easier when you know you have a vehicle that can accommodate everyone you’d like to invite.

A limo bus offers plenty of room; in fact, we offer buses that can accommodate 32, 46 passengers or even 49 passengers.

You can create the experience you want with so much room to spare.


The difference between booking a limo bus and relying on traditional transportation to handle your wine tour is the limo bus’s amenities.

Executive prides itself on providing its customers with beautiful, late-model buses that offer the utmost in amenities:

  • Ample, Comfortable Seating
  • Plenty of Legroom
  • Beautiful Upholstery
  • TVs
  • Multiple Bars
  • State-of-the-art Sound Systems

With all of these features on hand, you can begin your escape from the city and into the tranquility of the North Fork Wine Trail the moment your limo bus pulls up. With all of your friends in tow, you can have a relaxing, enjoyable experience from the very beginning of your tour to the very end.


When you have to split your group up during outings, the chances that someone will get lost or arrive late to an event are high.

A limo bus ensures that everyone has reliable transportation when the wine tour is over, eliminating the possibility of a friend driving drunk or endangering the lives of others.


Safety is Coachman Luxury s number one priority when providing transportation services for our clients; your wine tour won’t be nearly as enjoyable without reliable transportation waiting at the end of the day.


Coachman Luxury has a thorough and extensive hiring process for our chauffeurs, to ensure that only the most trustworthy, most qualified and most professional chauffeurs can handle your trip.

LONG ISLAND WINE TOURS can be the centerpiece of your summer; a limo bus from Coachman Luxury Transportation can enhance the experience twofold.

The safety, professionalism and luxury that from Coachman Luxury can offer is unmatched by other companies in the area; our fleet is dynamic and includes limo buses that can accommodate your group, no matter its size.

Book a trusted ground transportation provider and you will have one of the most fabulous Long Island Wine Tours.


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