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AMUSEMENT PARK TRANSPORTATION – 6 best Theme Parks in and around New York

Posted on: June 21st, 2016

To make family gateway fun and memorable for all members of the family from the pint-sized tots to teens can be a tough task. Theme parks have something for everyone in the family. They can be the perfect place for little ones and to those who never want to grow up. Theme parks are the place with attractions made up of amazing rides, games, and fun-filled activities for families.

Amusement parks have a lot of thrilling rides, carousel, ferris wheels and water games that can entice all the children regardless of their age.

Here’s a list of 6 best theme parks in and around New York; a perfect getaway for you and your family.

  1. AdventureLand

It is Long Island’s main amusement park, located at East Farmingdale, New York. With more than 25 rides, live music, arcade, water rides, roller coaster rides, this 12-acre park has tons of fun to offer. For thrill seekers, this park offers rides like turbulence coaster and adventure. Your tiny tots will not feel left out in this place as the park offers kiddie rides like Pirate Island, Tea Cups, helicopter carousel, caterpillar ride. There are height criteria for rides; kids have to meet these criteria to take a ride. This park offers a wide variety of food for all ages, which are made by keeping in mind the nutritional value, and possible allergies, the cafeteria also offers gluten-free pizzas. Perfect place for the whole family to wander around and enjoy the atmosphere to the fullest.

  1. Sea Breeze Amusement Park

This historic park in Rochester, New York offers something for everyone. They have heart pounding rides like jack rabbit roller coaster ride and other thrill rides. Play with gallons of water and enjoy adventurous rides like a helix. This ride will rock you in a whirl and make you fall into a pool, soak zone to dip yourself in and out of the water and lots more. Here, they have some rides and activities that can be done with the whole family. They have small sized water slides, fountains and shallow pools exclusively for the small children. Do not miss the classic carousel, one of the well known attractions in the park.

  1. Great Escape

Great escape is one of Six Flag’s amusement parks in Lake George, New York. This park is a great escape from the busy monotonous city life. Park offers membership cards and amazing offers on season passes. The water park has water rides like alpine free fall, banshee plunge, and many more thrilling slides. Little ones can enjoy the splash water kingdom that has splashy play areas, shallow pools, pirate and ocean themed pool. This amusement park staff are polite, respectful, very professional and ready to help; hence families with children will feel safe. Park has amazing roller coaster rides, swing in the sky with the sky trapeze and many more rides for all kids. Provides kid-friendly cuisine at snack bars.

  1. Luna Park

An amusement park in Coney Island, Brooklyn, New York is right on the beach and has plenty of activities and rides. This amusement park offers rides from mild to extreme thrills; hence there are more options for the whole family. Cyclone and Thunderbolt are the magical roller coaster rides, something that families should never miss. For your tots, there are rides like a tea party, mermaid parade, speed boat, magic bikes and many more. Brave older kids and adults can try thrilling rides that can be a breathtaking experience. Kids pleasing menu loaded with flavor to treat their taste buds. A landmark of Coney Island, worth visiting to relax and play.

  1. Hershey Amusement Park

With amazing rides, friendly staff, clean and well managed, Hershey amusement park is one of the best family amusement parks in Derry Township, Pennsylvania. Hershey park has many things to do, like rides, boardwalk, and zoo. Rides are categorized as mild, moderate, high and aggressive; these rides can be selected depending on the height and age of the child. The Fahrenheit, Storm Runner, Great Bear that goes at the speed of 70 mph and 97-degree drop, are the three rides for thrill lovers. Little children have dozens of rides to ride, water games like shoreline spray ground, sandcastle cove, and wave pools. Kids can see some exotic animals at the zoo in Hershey Park. Family rides are more fun to ride, as you can enjoy with your whole family. This park is clean and inviting for families with kids of all ages.

  1. Dorney’s Park

There is always something for the whole family to enjoy at the Dorney’s Park, Allentown, Pennsylvania. Thrill roller coaster rides like a hydra, steel force and more to entice the teens and adults in your family and a little roller coaster for the little ones. Planet Snoopy is exclusively for your tiny tots, rides like flying ace balloon peanuts, sally swings, etc. can surprise and overwhelm them. The water kingdom has dozens of pools, slides for adults; lollipop lagoon is a small children’s play area. Rides in water or land it is all exciting, here in Dorney’s park.


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