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5 Tips and Tricks for Stress-Free Group Transportation

Posted on: July 12th, 2016

Coordinating a company’s travel needs is certainly a stressful job. Travel coordinators must schedule hotels, flights, and group transportation accommodations as well as the procurement of any important documentation necessary for travel. In our busy world, this is a vital job to ensure the success of group meetings, trade shows, and other events that involve large groups. Group transportation can be especially frustrating to schedule since there are many different companies and types of transportation to choose from. Those who must schedule NYC group transportation should take a look at Coachman Luxury Transport ’s list of tips and tricks below in order to reduce the stress that accompanies scheduling group transportation!

Tip 1: Assess Needs

Once the destination has been selected, it’s time to determine what the group transportation needs are. When scheduling your NYC group transportation, you will need to know the number of people who will be transported around NYC as well as the destinations for the group and what kind of traveling the group is doing. The size of the group will dictate which vehicles would be most prudent to use. If you have a small group of only ten, using Coachman Luxury Transport ’s Bus Rental is a fantastic option.  Larger groups can fit on minibuses, executive buses, or limo buses. Charter coach buses are also available for the largest groups. If the group is traveling for pleasure and you want to ensure they have a great time, you should look into limo buses and limo vans. If the NYC group transportation needs are simply to relay people back and forth to different places, you can always choose another vehicle. Be sure to describe your needs to the reservationist so they can ensure that you get the best transportation possible for your group!

Tip 2: Customer Loyalty is Valuable

Remember when you are scheduling your group transportation that customers who return to schedule transportation for their group are extremely valuable to transportation companies. With repeat customers, the company already has their billing data as well as the preferences listed for certain vehicles or any other particulars that they desire. If you are scheduling your first experience with Coachman Luxury Transport and the experience is a great one, keep that company on file to use in the future! Coachman Luxury Transport is delighted to offer fabulous group rates on a large assortment of vehicles.

 Tip 3: Have Reminders Sent to You

Once you’ve booked your group transportation, you want to make sure that the provider has the correct details. Confirmation of the information you’ve provided is vital for group transportation to go off without flaws. If your transportation company doesn’t send a confirmation, text, or phone call, then you might want to reconsider using them.  You want to reduce and even eliminate confusion about times and vehicle needs, as well as ensure that everyone is on the same page, which is why checking with the transportation company is always a good idea. This is particularly important when managing transportation for high-level executives.

Tip 4: Plan Ahead for Problems

Prevention is the best way that a transportation provider can demonstrate that they are ready for anything.  Transportation plans should absolutely have backup plans. This backup plan should consider what will happen if flights are delayed, traffic causes delayed arrivals of vehicles, and what will happen if vehicles break down – either before or during transporting a group. Planning for these often avoidable problems ensures that issues can be fixed as quickly as they arise, allowing for minimal disruption to transportation plans. Companies that plan ahead and have backup plans are companies that you will want to use time and time again.

Tip 5: Know Who Shouldn’t Be Included in the Group

Those who shouldn’t be included in the group transportation are high-level executives and other, similarly situated corporate employees. These high-level executives might not appreciate having to wait for group transportation to arrive, so scheduling separate transportation for them is frequently a good move. Executives might have to attend meetings before the group or may be involved in other activities prior to re-joining the group. Scheduling private transportation for them is a great way to make sure that they get to where they need to be in a timely manner.

Coachman Luxury Transport has been providing customers with premium Charter Rental service for more than 25 years. With passenger capacity of up to 56 passengers, our buses are reliable, safe, and complete with restrooms for your added comfort. Our elite staff of drivers is highly qualified and maintains all required licenses.

While planning group transportation can often be stressful, following these simple tips and tricks will help you successfully handle any group transportation. Of course, we encourage everyone to call us for a quote on your transportation needs!


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