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5 Tips on How Far in Advance to Book Chauffeured Transportation

Posted on: August 30th, 2016

There’s no golden rule on when to book your chauffeured transportation. If there were, planning our own business needs weeks and months in advance would be significantly easier. There are a number of factors that affect whether or not you can call a provider and receive car service at the airport or office, or for your evening out. We’ve highlighted some of the factors that have the biggest impact on your bottom line, so you can plan your upcoming executive travel needs with the least disruption possible:

1. Have a relationship with the provider

Even in the age of smartphones, apps, and booking engines, business is still done on the basis of relationships. If you’ve developed a partnership with a chauffeured transportation provider, there’s a good chance it will do whatever possible to meet your needs, even if you’re calling three hours before you need a pickup on the busiest day of the year. If you’ve built a partnership with the best, you can disregard the other factors that affect the industry. Develop relationships with the right company, so you’ll never have to worry about whether you need to take a cab or rental car home from the airport instead.

2. Now the rules

Even if you’re simply scheduling a short journey to or from the airport on a Tuesday morning, 24 hours is commonly accepted as a minimum amount of notice in the business. It ensures your provider can arrange staffing and cars to meet your needs, and that logistics personnel are able to check road closures and traffic patterns in order to develop a route with the least interruptions possible. Additionally, depending on the parameters of your journey, it allows time to develop a contingency plan in case something doesn’t go as planned.

3. Understand Busy Times

Business travel tends to have noticeable patterns, and certain times and days of the week are much busier for chauffeured transportation vendors. Peak times for business travel include Monday mornings for both airport departures and arrivals, and Fridays for business travelers returning home. It can be more difficult to obtain car service with only a few hours’ notice during these peak hours of operation.

4. Know Peak Months

Throughout many industries, business travel schedules will peak in the spring and fall months, due to more scheduled meetings with clients and prospects during these periods of time. Weekends in late spring and early summer can also be incredibly busy, due to a high volume of weddings and prom nights. If you’re in need of a limousine during the weekend around Valentine’s Day or during the busiest time of year for weddings, it’s wise to give as much notice as possible, typically a month in advance.

5. What to choose for your needs

It can be much easier to accommodate a request for simple sedan service than specialty transportation. If you need a vehicle that’s slightly atypical, such as a coach bus or several stretch limousines, providing as much notice as possible can ensure your needs are met.

All executives strive to book their travel reservations before they depart as far in advance as possible. However, sometimes doing so is simply not possible. Developing a strong relationship with a chauffeured transportation vendor will ensure that no matter how last minute your travel needs are, the company will meet your request without any hesitation.

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