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5 Tips for Booking the Perfect Wedding Transportation

Posted on: June 7th, 2016

When couples first get engaged, they often throw themselves into the planning of their wedding with enthusiasm and gusto. The excitement of their wedding planning can sometimes hit snags, particularly when it comes to vendors that they might not be very familiar with. For example, recently engaged couples may not know much about wedding transportation. As a wedding transportation company, we are often asked questions like: How do I get my guests from Point A to Point B and map out our itinerary? How much does it all cost? What’s the best vehicle to use?

If you’re overwhelmed by the logistics of transporting yourself (and your bridal party) to and from on your wedding day, we can help you! Read on to discover some basic guidelines for tackling all of your transportation challenges.

  1. Timeline

While you aren’t going to need to know every single detail of your wedding down to the second, you will need to map out the bulk of how the day will be spent and where. For example, you’re going to need to know where you’re getting ready, whether or not you’re having a “first look,” where your bridal party portraits will be taken, and whether the ceremony and reception are at different locations. These are all factors that may impact your transportation. If you need help gauging how much time should be allotted for those extremely important picture moments, ask your photographer for an estimate. Be sure to include some cushioning to your schedule in case of any last-minute emergencies, such as a bridal party member or vendor showing up late.

Once you’ve established a basic timeline, it’s time to start researching wedding transportation companies. Ideally, you should start your search about four to six months before the big day, but you can certainly book well in advance. Coachman Luxury Transport recommends that you schedule your wedding transportation at least three months in advance.

Reminder: If your wedding will take place during prom season (early April to mid-June) or on/around a major holiday, start your transportation search early, since car service companies are often inundated with bookings during that time.

  1. Budget

Most likely, the first thing your fiancée and you decided upon was your budget. Sticking to your budget is extremely important, since your finances will dictate everything from your reception décor, venue choices, and even down to the dress that you’ll wear down the aisle. Your wedding transportation is no exception. You must consider and factor into your budget the cost of wedding transportation. Is the company you are looking to hire charging you per hour only? Or are they pricing out the mileage and the distance involved from one point to another? When booking your contract, make sure you understand the minimums as well. Most companies will charge a minimum of three to four hours on the weekends for the usage of their vehicles.

If you want to be sure that you are getting your money’s worth, ask to see the limo (or other vehicle) in person to verify that it has enough room for your bridal party to fit comfortably inside! You should be able to tour their fleet of vehicles and get a first-hand knowledge of what you’ll be riding in on your special day.

  1. The Fine Print

Once you understand what your wedding transportation needs are and have a better idea of what they’ll cost, it’s time to get a written agreement that includes the following terms of service: total cost, deposits required, refund and gratuity policies, arrival and departure locations, pick-up/drop-off times, the exact models of the vehicles you’ve requested and the overtime rate per hour. Having all of this in writing will give you extra peace of mind and help both parties ensure that they are on the same page.

When you’re ready to sign on the dotted line, it’s important to ask about “all-inclusive pricing,” which should always include the total fare, but may not always include taxes. With Coachman Luxury Transport, your final price includes gratuity, tolls, and taxes. Plus, we are always insured and our drivers endure rigorous training before they are allowed to drive on their own.

  1. Prepare Yourself

Once you have your itinerary set up, you should either fax or email it to the wedding transportation company that you’ve chosen. This will help them understand down to the detail the locations that you will be visiting. While Coachman Luxury Transport is excited to take care of the little details for you, some companies require the necessary directions, including alternate routes in case of an untimely traffic jam.

It’s also a great idea to give the itinerary to your bridal party, along with any necessary numbers they may need to have handy. This will give them the chance to plan out the day as well.

Bonus tip: Your contact person needs to be given to the company well in advance of the actual day. And the contact person should NOT be the bride. Whether you have the maid of honor, day of coordinator, wedding planner, or someone else handling the wedding vendors for the day, you should make sure the bride isn’t stressed out about detail with the wedding vendors instead of enjoying her day. It’s also wise to let your transportation company know who to contact in case they need an answer or there’s an issue on the wedding day.

  1. Go the Extra Mile

If you have a lot of out-of-town guests, they might want to leave the party earlier than others. Grandma and Grandpa may not want to stay up very late and keep the party going after their bedtime has come and gone. If this is the case for your wedding, it might be a good idea to go the extra mile for your guests and rent buses to cycle transportation back to the hotel throughout the evening. It’s always a nice gesture to thank your loved ones with a small gift for their time.

Bonus tip: When researching nearby hotels, ask if they offer free shuttles to transport hotel guests back to their room at the end of the wedding.

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