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5 Survival Tips for Family Trips

Posted on: August 9th, 2016

Let’s be honest here. Every one of us reading probably had at least one family vacation over the years that felt more like our worst dreams come true. Maybe it was the trip to a kitschy amusement park in our self-conscious, early teen years when we wanted to be across the country from our parents. Maybe it was a road trip in early childhood years that was hot, long, and filled with fighting siblings and boring historical attractions. Multi-generational travel is definitely a rising trend, and several studies have confirmed that as Americans return to taking vacations for pleasure, they’re bringing children, parents, and extended relatives along for the ride. Based on the research of family experts and our own experiences on the road, we’ve collected some expert advice on how you can plan an event that builds the right kind of memories:

  1. Take the Grandparents from both sides

The more the merrier. One of the reasons the family trip has grown to include several generations of relatives is that multi-generational travel is more possible than ever before. Recent studies by Pepperdine indicated that one-third of grandparents travel for pleasure with their grandchildren. Today’s senior citizens are living longer lives, and they are able to hit the road for an extended period of time. It’s definitely a best practice, and not just because you can combine a family reunion with your annual vacation. Having your parents along will provide two extra adults for child care. Trips can run long, and extra adults mean more entertainment for younger travelers. Besides, you and your spouse might even be able to catch dinner alone, thanks to the built-in babysitting service.

  1. Pick Attractions and Destinations Carefully

An art museum tour of Europe may not be the best choice for traveling with toddlers, while adults can grow frustrated and bored during a week spent visiting attractions solely for children. The multi-generational experts at Parents magazine recommend picking cities that offer something for everyone, and designing a program that includes the best of both worlds. A suggestion listed is Greater Huntington Area – from golf courses, amusement parks to museums, historic sites and performing arts. As a final word of advice, don’t cram your daily schedule too full unless you have to. Being kept to a tight itinerary can be a cause of stress that no one needs, and we all know that traveling with children requires a degree of flexibility.

  1. Don’t Crowd Yourselves

Family vacations can run long after a few hours if they’re not planned correctly, and the stress culprit might just be not having enough space. You probably can’t place your baby across the airplane from you, but you can opt for a beach house or rental condo over a hotel room. Giving family members space to escape when necessary and not having to literally share a room with the kids will make the experience much closer to your home life. It will also avoid making anyone feel like they’re trapped on vacation.

  1. Make a Point of Smiling

Remember the reason you’re taking a vacation in the first place. It’s to relax, reconnect, and spend time away from work. If you’ve got a track record of family vacations gone wrong, it may be wise to set some ground rules among the adults. This could include equal time spent among the kids, and limited access to work-related email. Most of all, keep smiling. Vacations should be fun.

  1. Minimize Stress with Chauffeured Transportation

Did we mention the fact that a family vacation shouldn’t be stressful, and it shouldn’t feel like work? You probably only take one to two weeks off a year, so it’s well worth it to make sure that the time is everything you’ve saved your vacation days for.

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